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Across the country, Nullifire products have been applied for over ten years to new, existing and refurbished buildings and structures. From the humidity and storms of North Queensland, to the dry, hot conditions of Perth.

Carrara Gardens Golf & Tennis Academy

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Owned by KDV Group - a dominant leader in the Russian snack food market - The Carara Gardens Golf and Tennis Academy is a world-class coaching facility located in Queensland Australia. Home to 24 tennis courts, a 9 hole golf course, driving range, gymnasium, aerobics facility and cafĂ©, the facility is part of the wider Carrara Sports Precinct which will play host to many events during the 2018 Commonwealth Games. 
In preparing for the games, Shiro Architecs were given the brief of redesigning the facility to make it a world class complex.
The appointed architects had a vision for the golf facility which would see the design make the most of the natural environment. As the lead architect - Hiromi Lauren Shiraishi - said:
"I tried to come up with an airy, transparent design, because on the site we have really good scenery behind us, so why would anyone want to close it off from the freeway?"

With designs approved, Alder Constructions were appointed to undertake extensive redevelopment of several aspects of the facility.
This vision has seen the creation of a fantastic open space which will maintain its relevancy and style for years to come. But it meant that in construction, several structural columns and beams needed to be left exposed as part of the aesthetic design. This in turn meant they needed to be fire rated. 
Working with Cozens Regan Williams Prove Consulting Engineers, Nullifire SC902 was selected as the ideal solution. 
Intumescent was applied in a two coat process; the first pass was a ¾ film build and the second a final ¼ build, applied once thinned to achieve a higher level of finish. Upon completion the project had comprised:

  • The fire rating of 111 CHS & SHS Steel Columns 
  • Totalling 632 m2 of steel
  • 3200 Kgs of SC902 used to complete the project.

2017 Buillding of the Year Awards Update

In early 2017, The Carrara Gardens redesign project was shortlisted for the 2017 Building of the Year awards, specifically in the "Sport architecture" and "Best applied products". categories. We want to wish Shiro Architects, the very best for the upcoming decision.