S707 - S708

The Nullifire S700 series was designed to provide the highest quality steel protection available, whilst also protecting the environment.

Nullifire S707 and S708 are water based intumescents and were designed to replace traditional, solvent based intumescent coatings. Both can be applied to achieve a 120 minute rating, can be top-coated with compatible decorative paints and have less detrimental affect on the environment, containing only 20g/litre of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), some 90% less than solvent based equivalent.

Key Features of Nullifire S700

  • Versatility
    Can be applied to steelwork of any section type and can be applied either on or off-site
  • Optimised Working schedules
    After only 24 hours, steel protected with S700 series intumescents can be top coated. S707 dries up to 30% faster than solvent based alternatives
  • Reduced environmental footprint
    Waterborne and halogen free, the S707 range has low VOC content. Furthermore, S700 series coatings can be applied in occupied work areas without presenting a hazard to other trades. 
  • Aesthetic form and function
    Nullifire Australia’s S700 series can be topcoated to achieve high quality architectural finishes for exposed steel.

S 700 Series in Detail

S 707

S707 Waterborne Basecoat is a white thin film intumescent coating for the fire protection of internal structural steelwork

S 708

S708 has been formulated to take the place of traditional, solvent based intumescent coatings


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