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Mineral Fibre Barrier Fire Rating Test Results

Independent fire rating testing body Branz recently conducted tests on Nullifire B747 used in combination with mineral fibre. The results were very pleasing

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Fire Rating cannot be an After thought

The planning of a new building is a time and labour intensive process. Architects and engineers alike spend hour upon hour planning meticulous details, yet too often they forget one key element - passive fire rating.

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Key projects

Nullifire products have been proudly used as the intumescent of choice on a number of recent constructions including:

Brisbane International Airport - Air New Zealand lounge

Brisbane International Airport is mid-way through planned upgrade works. Null...

Carrara Gardens Golf & Tennis Academy

The Carara Gardens Golf and Tennis Academy is a world-class coaching facility...

Ikea North Lakes - onsite application

Nullifire SC902 was the think film intumescent of choice for the 28,300m2 Str...

One One One Eagle Street Brisbane

Fire Rating of Structural Steel Columns